8 Week
Jump Start Protocol

This protocol will help if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, tiredness, moodiness, brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, irritability, neuroticism, or low libido.

(The printed version has details about each supplement.)


Drink 6 to 8 glasses of filtered water daily. This requirement may increase with physical activity.
All Day

Adrendal Ezz

Take one squirt in the a.m. (One squirt equals one squish of the rubber bulb).​


Take one squirt in the a.m. (One squirt equals one squish of the rubber bulb).

Advantage Greens

Take five pills at breakfast or lunch. You can split them between the first two meals of the day if desired.
Morning or Lunch

Perfect Amino

Take 5 pills or 1 scoop of powder at least one hour away from protein.
Dinner or Bedtime

Black Radish

Take 1 pill twice daily with food until gone.

intestinal Guard

Take 1 squirt twice daily.
Morning and Dinner

Doctor's Best Probiotic

One pill in the a.m. on an empty stomach one hour away from food.
Dinner or Bedtime

Real Salt

Start your morning with a sprinkle (up to 1/8 tsp.) in a bit of water. If it doesn’t taste good or satisfying, don’t use it.
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The 8 Week Jump Start Protocol

The Most Effective Way To Begin to Heal

If you are tired, have irregular bowel problems, constipation, stomach pain, insomnia, brain fog, etc., bringing your body back into good health starts here.

We must address the surface issues before digging deeper into bigger health issues.

The Simple Way To Get Your Body 80% Of The Way There

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